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We are the Savorys 

We are Amanda and Nathan Savory. We're based in the gorgeous English Lake District, having lived between us in Scotland, USA, India, Malaysia, New Zealand. Amanda grew up in the Lakes and Nathan's from (Royal!) Tunbridge Wells.

We've been married around three years and are still figuring this messy life and marriage thing out all the time!

We love biking, hiking, swimming in the lake, making jewellery together, and eating homemade pizza (YUM)... Doing life with good food, faith, awesome friends, connecting with others and finding places to adventure in.

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Nathan and Amanda


The Creative Adventure is a life coaching and adventure collaboration, designed to help you choose your best life of adventure!

We want to encourage you as you make your unique contribution on this planet.

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  • Helping young people to follow their dreams,
    by enabling them to articulate their values

  • A process of discovering their identity
    and how it links with their calling

  • Encouraging them to choose their futures
    with courage and tenacity

  • Equipping Christians to hear
    the Father's heart
    for themselves 
    - and helping them go deeper

  • Using the Enneagram as a tool for discovery
    (themselves and others, and how they relate to God)

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Adventure, Creativity, Freedom

I'm Amanda

I love to get outside, connect with people, spend time with Jesus and get creative.

I see life as an adventure (being outside, faith and living life to the full). I want to bring others (and you!) on that journey, so they feel more positive about life and discover the joy of being and living.

I hope to inspire people to live out more fully who they were created to be. This involves igniting others to hear the Holy Spirit for themselves.

As well as Coaching, I am writing my first novel, have a jewellery business with Nathan, co-lead a programme for women in leadership, and do Communications for Christian ministry called The Filling Station

Enneagram – 7 w 8 – The Realist

"Confident and intense with an innovative spirit to overcome any obstacle, they don't see failure, but an opportunity to see things from a different perspective and try again." (Your Enneagram Coach)

Myers Briggs – ENFP – The Campaigner
"It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing." (Myers Briggs / 16 Personalities)

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Life Breakthrough Academy

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Your Enneagram Coach

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  • Taking families and groups out for adventures
    and photographing them in their element, together!

  • Creating memories, outside,
    with family and friends, with my camera

  • Encouraging people to try something new
    - and conquer fears!

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Justice, Courage, Loyalty

I'm Nathan

I love being outside, and sharing my love of adventure with others.

My camera always comes along with me too! 

Teaching and leading others comes naturally, from years working in outdoor centres for many years.

Taking people on an adventure and seeing their enthusiasm, as they discover something new is such a joy! my goal is to capture that moment - whether it's a family or individual.

As well as Adventure photography, I work full time as a Woodturner at a prestigious furniture design company in the South Lakes. I started a jewellery business with Amanda, during lockdown, and love to get creative in the kitchen (including meals like pasta from scratch).

Enneagram – 8 w 7 – The Maverick

"A powerful driving force that sees what can and needs to be done and actively gets involved to plow a path for the benefit of others." (Your Enneagram Coach)

Myers Briggs – ENTJ – The Commander

"For Commanders, failure is not an option – they conceive a vision of the future, formulate a strategy to achieve that vision, and execute each step with ruthless precision." (Myers Briggs / 16 Personalities)

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“Remember that if you don’t prioritise your life someone else will.”

Greg McKeown – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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Isn't it easy, to get stuck in the mundane of everyday life?

We can put to-dos and chores ahead of adventure. We can get stuck in a rut.

When we got married in October 2019, we felt that our marriage life story was designed to inspire others to adventure.

Yes, it was definitely love that got us together! But there was an "and".

We felt a purpose as a couple to be in the outdoors, helping to release the creative potential and helping others write (or even re-write) their own stories.

We continue to discover how to live out this purpose: our faith unites us, our relationships form us, and the places we go and the land we walk on becomes part of our story.

We know that each of us is built unique and we both have a life calling, separately as well as together.

Of course, adventure doesn't have to be an instagrammable moment, or something that has to have a blog post about it. There are plenty of moments we choose not to share. It's just as much the secret times and risk-taking moments in the small, as much as the mountain-top moment of adventure, spirituality or a life dream.

And we're careful that we don't still seek personal and external affirmation by putting on a show of our "best life". Adventure can never solely give us life's true satisfaction. 

So, friend. How will you live this one precious life? And who will you do it with?

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