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Genuine, true, adventure

Genuine, true, adventure. An adventure is an unusual and exciting experience of which the outcome is unknown.

These were the words a friend of mine gave me for the coming season… and I’ve been mulling this over. With no groups staying at the centre, and a centre-based day on Monday, we spend Tuesday adventuring. Adventure days are when we will take a group off-site for a walk in the local area and may be combined with some conservation work.

Lead Instructor, Phil (also member of Killin mountain rescue team), took me out to show me a selection of routes, hilltops, areas, safety issues and points of interest to use and be aware of on an adventure day. He is tall, full of knowledge and wisdom about the local area, the activities, and life in general.

It was a wild day with some strong gusty wind, and the odd shower of cold rain, but we managed to push through and complete two adventure days in one day!

Despite the routes we took not being super high or gnarly, I really was encouraged by how much I enjoyed wandering around on the hillside and discovering its little nooks and crannies. It was a fresh revelation to me of the joys of the great outdoors, and I can’t wait to facilitate the same experience with the visiting groups over the next few years.

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