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Initiation - 50% Complete

Week one is done. I tried my best to absorb as much information as possible: where things are, what they are called, who’s responsible for what, but fear that my goal of 100% absorption of 50% induction may be unrealistic.

However, I have had a great week getting to see sessions, inflicting my jokes on new victims, and sharing my working and free time with some amazing people.

It has been great to get stuck in to the work of the centre, and I’ve found myself learning new things and also excited at the prospect of bringing my skills and experiences to the table to help out and develop Ardeonaig.

One more activity related item, today (Saturday) Kev and I headed out into the local hills for some navigation practice. Kev is a brilliant man originally from Dumfries. He is full of energy and enthusiasm, plus he does me the honour of laughing at almost all of my jokes! We shared stories, interests and our upbringings together whilst looking for small features on the mountainside, for a large chunk of the day. Some of the local mountain tops gradually revealed themselves, over the course of the day, as the clouds lifted and I must say, I’m very excited to have them on my doorstep begging to be explored.

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