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"Intentionality trumps inconvenience"

We live in the age where we have forgotten the phases of deep work. By this, I mean having time to create, to paint, to write, to concentrate on that one piece of content that really matters.

Short form

Everything is in short form.

I've been challenged recently to re-assess how much time I use in a connected way.

Picking up my phone for all things:

  • A timer for how long I'm planking in my mini workout

  • Forwarding a track on Spotify

  • Playing Lectio Divina each morning: the first thing I listen to - but also my phone is the first thing I touch (before my husband?!)

  • Checking Insta

  • Having a thought and immediately turning to google. (Do I really need to find out what is the best time to go to Guatemala right now?!)

  • Photographing everything (landscape/portrait/video for 1Second app)!

It never used to be like this

Cal Newport has some interesting reflections on how technology has seeped into our lives in the last 15 years.

Phones and apps were actually designed to be addictive. To tempt us back to them.

But these pops - or breaks - of time, take us away from the times our brain is getting really into that project, design, painting, new script or song.

Get up and talk - or pick up the phone!

We also weren't designed for email.

Our bodies and brain crave connection with others, and a digital interaction (such as text or email) doesn't satisfy the connections we long for. Communications such as email make us feel we are in touch but:

  • It doesn't create connection - it's a pretense!

  • It creates a jumble - we have far too much information to process

  • It takes us away from the deep work we crave as humans

A digital reflection

For some, a 30 Day Digital Detox à la Cal Newport might be for them. He suggests a total stripping back to then re-introduce 30 days later. To cure the addiction, but also re-introduce new habits.

We have to be intentional

However, there might be small tweaks. Here are some ideas:

1. Silence, solitude, journalling. Try one of these: and leave your phone on airplane mode. Leave it in another room!

2. Get out for a walk without your phone. No headphones/podcasts. Let your mind wander.

3. Get an alarm clock or Lumielight. Try a non-phone alternative, so it isn't your phone that you touch each morning.

When we are relying on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, 24/7 Prayer App. HTB Bible in A Year App to be our sole connection with Jesus, we miss out on the very core of who He is.

What would it look like for you to have uninterrupted time with Jesus?

Uninterrupted time to create, to sing, to play, to journal?

Resource to try

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2022

So true! I literally just read this a few minutes ago: So true! I literally just read this a few minutes ago: So true! I literally just read this a few minutes ago:

"Dr Albert Mehrabian's research on personal communication indicates that only 7% of our messages are the actual words spoken. Seven percent! That's such a small percentage of the message. The rest of it is made up of our voice and tone (38%), and our body language (55%). Now, think about the way that most people communicate with one another nowadays... Through texting and emailing… How much of our actual message is getting lost through this medium? A huge amount!"

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