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Northumberland: 1 day to do a lot of things

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

So Northumberland.

I feel like I know you, but I really don't. I think I visited Hadrian's Wall once, your most famous export. I had a few boozy nights out in Newcastle visiting University friends, but that's 20 years ago and Newcastle doesn't even count.

So, just before Covid lockdown number two in England, Nathan and I took a trip to perhaps the most underrated county in the WHOLE of England. Yes, I said it!

Here's our whistle stop tour... (We were driving from Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders).

  1. Waterfall A grounded airplane? Model tanks? This secret parking spot seems unlikely, but don't worry, you'll be walking the other way to the top of the waterfall. Sometimes the gate is locked to get across... But we will leave that decision up to you! Find it:

  1. Hadrian's Wall (couldn't not put this in after the intro!) Donald Trump could take tips from Hadrian! Stretching right across from west to east, much of this expansive stretch of wall is still intact... And dates back to AD122! Parking at Steel Rigs carpark is a good option: and allow at least an hour to walk along this ancient structure and walk to the Sycamore Tree (guesses for which famous film this tree appeared in)... Find it: Our place of choice to park is Steel Rigg carpark - might cost £3.50 to park for even just an hour, but if it helps sustain H's wall, then we're down! There's more at the official Hadrian's Wall website.

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