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Je suis arrivé - I have arrived

It took some effort, but the move has been made! I am here in Ardeonaig with all of my stuff ready to start a new chapter. It’s been a busy week, but a good week.

And leaving Whittaugh… Of course I knew I was going to have a leaving party, but I could not have imagined the scale or amount of effort gone into such an event, just for people to send me on my way. I walked into a wall of cheers and clapping and the unmistakeable smell of lasagne! This was going to be a good evening!

Then there was the cake. Expertly and lovingly created by Cal Edge, this masterpiece was so well made that I initially thought someone had left their camera on the sideboard! It even has one of my pictures on display on the screen at the back! Incredible.

After a video and being presented with a large scrapbook full of pictures and letters from all the wonderful people there, everyone gathered round me to pray for me and send me on my way.

And one final day with the the Mussons and Smiths: a pre-planned, but surprise destination, day out for me. Down to Keswick for brunch before a walk along the old railway, before a necessary pop to the shops (when I say shops, I mean Needle Sports), before a tour at The Lakes Distillery, before a pub meal, and the journey home for cheese biscuits and some ice cream, and bed! What an action packed day, and a wonderful blessing.

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