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Local adventures

What a busy week! It’s been fairly full on, and even my day off was packed out. Let me begin.

Thursday and Friday were standard work days with the group that was in.

Fridy evening, I went for a quick spin along the loch side and saw this corker of a sunset.

Saturday was a training day. Tom Sibbald came over from Aberfeldy to help us develop our canoeing sessions. We looked at timings of sessions: how long we had and what we filled that time with, and concluded we either needed more time, or more efficiency. We looked at preloading the session to have guests ready before we start, stream lining the coaching process by cutting out the unnecessary information and using various explanations and exercises to build the skills that we want/they need to go on a journey.

It was a lot of thinking and discussion, but it was an absolute stunner of a day, and I feel excited and better equipped for running canoe sessions in the future. Here are a few pictures…

Because of the amazing sunset the night before, Callum, Lachie, Sam and myself decided to pop up to the top of Crofters to watch the sunset, take some pictures and fly Callum’s drone. It was good fun, but unfortunately not as dramatic as the night before.

In the afternoon I went for a bike ride from Killin to Balquhidder and back via the route 7 cycle route, a beautiful route, anyone who wants to visit and go for a ride, this would be a good afternoon activity. After popping back to the centre for some lasagne, a few of us nipped down to the harbour for a bonfire and to watch the sunset.

My last adventure to record in this blog was last night. The Aurora Borealis was due to be putting on a good display at 4am, so Callum and I met up at 3:50am to try and see it. It may have been active, but it was hiding behind a layer of cloud! Boooo. Anyways, this week was a good one, filled with lots of these local adventures with the instructors and others from the centre.

It’s brilliant to have so much on your doorstep, so even if you only have an evening or half an hour, fun is going to be had. I encourage you to get out and find your own local adventure.


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