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On duty.

When my alarm woke me from my slumber on Tuesday morning I was greeted with this splendid view from my bedroom window… I was overjoyed!

I quickly popped downstairs to light a fire (just to make it feel really wintry) and set about getting ready for work.

This included putting my big mountain boots on; I was taking this day seriously! Before I left the house the snow started to come down again, perhaps a more accurate description would be – the snow started to come across again. See exhibit A. (This picture is not taken in black and white, this is a colour photograph!)

On my walk in, I soaked up the stunning views that only fresh snowfall can provide… When I arrived at work, some of my colleagues were pleased for some snow, but were more reserved in their excitement as they knew about the extra work the snow brings (even if it is just a little bit fun!)

Today… Making sure the kitchen team were managing, encouraging kids to the dining room for breakfast, breakfast myself, instructor meeting, all staff meeting, set up high ropes and into the first session of the day. After the first team challenge, we swapped to some conservation work towards the group's John Muir Award, collecting compost and adding it to the fruit and veg beds in the poly tunnel.

After lunch, it was a local adventure with Ed. Out the back of the centre is a wee hill known as Crofters: today it still had a fair amount of snow on it. We took advantage of this with the kids and had a sculpture competition. I couldn’t let this opportunity slide, so I made a snow angel and a snow throne!

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