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Time to rest

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Apparently it’s been 17 days since my last blog, yet it only feels like four.

In some ways, time is flying by during lockdown and in other ways it seems so still, like a never-ending weekend. We still have all the regular tasks to do such as shopping and the hoovering but everything else pretty much blends together.

This time in lockdown has really helped Amanda and I to slow down. Partly because we actually have to and partly because God is really teaching us about proper rest.

Today has been a prime example.

We set no alarm and allowed ourselves to wake when the sunlight pushed its way through the curtains. We were in no rush to get up and only the pressing need for a wee made us get out of bed. We had planned a bike ride along the beach in the afternoon, during low tide, but it was such a glorious morning that we decided we couldn’t wait! As it was high tide though, we opted for a walk.

We let the dog out in the garden for her morning wee and then fed her. We prepared some apple and cinnamon, oat pancakes for ourselves for breakfast and then set about gearing up for our one trip out for the day. Off we go!

The sun was beaming down and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and due to lockdown the beach was quiet too. The dog chased as many birds as she could whilst also keeping up with us. The warmth of the sun took its time to show up, but it did arrive. The fresh sea air was a delight to inhale and we concluded that we are so blessed to live on such a beautiful stretch of coastline during this time.

Cora and Amanda

We were aiming for the lighthouse which we made in no time. It was standing strong and looking so good against the rich blue sky surrounded by bright and bold yellow gorse bushes.

As it was such a lovely day and we had left reasonably early, we carried on to the end of the beach where we enjoyed our online church service in a small cave, before turning around to come home for lunch.

Whilst we walked, we dreamed about what our future might look like and some of the things we would like to do and achieve. Needless to say adventure was high on the list but also creativity perhaps to the extent of having a “creative room” in a future house!

We saw some amazing things on our walk this morning. Some amazing sand sculpted by the wind that was spiky. Then something actually spiky, a sea urchin washed up on the shore! Lastly some snow, still on the mountains on the horizon, most likely Ben Wyvis.

Sand Sastrugi?

Sea urchin


We arrived back at base in time for lunch. What a lunch it was! A picnic style meal, in the garden, with all sorts of delicious morsels to pick at: toast, crackers, beetroot hummus, cucumber, beetroot, gherkin, jalapeños, radish, courgette butter, grated courgette, tomato, celery AND halloumi.

After lunch we just relaxed in the garden. Amanda read her book and I snoozed in the hammock.

Throughout the day we had challenged ourselves not to look at our phones. Obviously I used mine to take photos but I haven’t done the usual scrolling through Instagram and Facebook for hours I might otherwise do. If you haven’t tried ignoring your phone for a day, I recommend it, as hard as it may be, to simply enjoy the day and use the time wisely.

Despite time being almost irrelevant at the moment, I have enjoyed being able to experiment in the kitchen and try my hand at making things I might usually just buy.

As such, we have discovered how amazingly simple some items are to achieve and how much more delicious they are due to being fresh and made by yourself! A firm favourite in the Savory household is beetroot hummus, as featured above.

We have also had homemade: pita bread, garlic flatbread, pizza, gnocchi, beetroot gnocchi, paneer, kebabs and others. In a couple of days time we’ll be able to enjoy some homemade ginger beer!

Hopefully the weather will stick around to be able to enjoy it in the hammock in the garden.

Where am I going with this blog post today? I’m not sure, other than to tell you all what we’ve been up to, share a mini adventure story and encourage you to embrace this enforced rest, slow down, turn your phone off and make some bloody delicious food!

  • Mint kofte kebabs with pitas and salad

  • Steak, fried potatoes and salad

  • PIZZA!

  • The homemade paneer being cooked

  • Beetroot gnocchi

  • Mint kofte kebabs with pitas and salad

  • Middle eastern aubergine, mince and pitas

  • A bit of everything leftover thrown in a bowl for a quick meal

Some of the food coming out of our kitchen. Is your mouth watering yet?

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