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What if I changed my life?

What if I changed my life? Like actually took a different turn. Picked up passions that I thought had died.

Re-looked at my dreams.

Re-assessed my time.

Turned off my phone.

Picked up my paintbrush and put my running shoes on.

In the words of John Mark Comer, delved deep into the toxicity of hurry in my daily living.

Found the corners of my world that needed to be knocked off.

Stripping back to the essentials.

A life lived as a disciple. Building His Kingdom not my own.

Putting down the ambitions and instead partnering with him in dreaming.

Intentionally walking away from striving, and pleasing people. And meeting the agendas of others.

Living more like Jesus.

Walking slowly, touching heaven.

A birth happens after months of preparation. A physical and spiritual birthing, growing, forming, breathing for the first time.

What is a new birth of a new life? A life lived outside of chaos, and instead into the sweet spot of joy, laughter, friends. The sense of community, the circle, that existed since ancient times.

Yet, we’ve stripped away connectedness for a lie of community that doesn’t exist.

He is asking us to prepare a way for Him. He is asking us to step into our inheritance as sons and daughters.

The blood of Jesus didn’t pay for me to live like this.

If I changed my life, who would fall away? Who would stand with me at first, and then walk?

Would it be like the Pied Piper, where others followed? The sweet music, leading others to follow into something else? A dusty track into the unknown, covered with trees, winding branches, and flowers into the something that will only be revealed with steps ahead.

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