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A swim to welcome lockdown

Generally, my life philosophy has viewed swimming as the ultimate adventure: so much so, that friends have become used to my most over-used phrase, "you never regret a swim."

Well, this isn't quite true. Like the time I was on crutches and was discovered, sans swimming cossie, by a group of Asian tourists as I "swum" out into said Lake District lake (or submerged - the two are often interchangeable in my world!) Let's just hope they deleted those photos!

So, when I come across friends who are up for a water submersion adventure AKA swim, then I'm super keen! Especially when it happens to be the start of an English lockdown and this time it's absolutely kosher to meet with one other person from outside your household. Wahey!

Jo always manages to look incredibly glamorous, even on a November north of England day.

This morning, donned in 5mm wetsuits, we waded out into a still Lake Windermere. It was a balmy 9 °C and surprisingly warm... sadly our non-neoprene covered hands told another story... Failure on our part right there!

Millerground is a stunning spot to start your swim from, with clear views over to the Langdales and a little free parking spot at Adelaide Hill and the "beach" just a few minutes to the car.

This is a classic Lake District swim spot and one we will be testing out in weeks to come. Can we make it to December is the question?

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